I believe that communication is the key to consistency and quality. I will always supply my customers and my crews with a written proposal of what we are going to do in order to minimize confusion. I have also standardized our procedures by putting them in writing so that my customers and my crews will always know what to expect. We never vary from these procedures. The work is always done in the same manner. In painting, the preparation is the most important part of the job and must always be done first to obtain quality.


The workers typically arrive between 8:00 and 9:00 A.M. and work eight hours. However we can accommodate any schedule.

The crews usually consist of 2 -3 people. One person will be the crew leader. This person will be responsible for how the job progresses. If there are any questions about pricing or adding/deleting work, please direct them to the owner, Jim.

We will place a yard sign in front of your house at the start of the project. If you do not wish to have our sign in your yard, that’s no problem. Just let us know and we will remove it.

We ask that you provide us with your chosen colors before work begins. If we are matching colors for you, they will be matched and submitted for your approval before the paint is applied.

Interior Painting

We ask that the homeowners move and store all small breakable items so that we can do the heavy lifting of furniture. We will either move it to the center of the room or right out of the room. We will remove all blinds and simple curtains, but we ask that homeowners take down and replace any extensive or intricate window treatments.

You tell us where you want us to start. We aim to make this as easy as possible for you and will follow any plan or schedule you have for us. Before we start please let us know your intentions for pictures and wall hangings. If they are going back in the same place we will preserve the hangers. If not we will patch and paint the holes when we prep the walls.

All finished surfaces such as floors, countertops, furniture, and stained railings will be covered before any work is done. We use new, clean plastic sheeting to cover all furniture.

At this point all preparation will be done. All drywall patching and repairs, caulking, sanding, filling, and priming will be done at this time. All surfaces to be painted will be sanded first to insure a nice smooth finish. If we are adding any additional trim work such as crown molding that would be done now.

Once everything is prepped and sanded we let the painting begin. Two coats are always recommended when changing colors. We use low VOC latex paint to keep the environment as healthy as possible and will open windows for ventilation unless it is too cold outside. We always remove plug and switch plates even if they are getting painted.

When we have finished painting we will vacuum the floors, replace all that we have removed, and thoroughly  check our work to make sure it is complete. We will then ask you to check it to make sure you are 100% happy with the job. Payment for the work is due upon completion.

Exterior Painting

We pressure wash every exterior we paint. To paint without washing first would be a waste of time and material and an invitation for problems down the road. Pressure washing gives us a clean surface to work with, removes loose paint, and shows us where the problem areas are. We use a TSP and bleach solution to kill any mildew that may be on the house. After washing we then thoroughly scrape all remaining loose paint. This is followed up with power sanding to reduce the transition lines from paint to bare wood. All of this washing, scraping, and sanding is going to get the windows dirty. It will be necessary to have them washed when have finished painting.

At this time we will replace any boards that we have agreed upon in our original estimate. If we find more boards that need to be replaced during the preparation process we will discuss them with you prior to replacing them.

After the surface has been prepared we will remove and replace all existing caulking that has failed. We also caulk any areas that should have caulked previously and were missed.  We use a high quality 55 year siliconized acrylic caulk. We usually do not caulk joints in wood siding as they will expand and contract with the change of seasons. This will turn into a maintenance problem.

All new or bare wood will then be primed. We use an oil based primer as we feel it gives the best results. All knots will be sealed to prevent them from bleeding through the finish.

When we have completed preparing the surface we will cover all finished surfaces before we paint. This includes windows, roofs, cement, brick, landscaping, etc. Masking materials may remain on the windows for a day or two while we are painting. We will make every effort not to damage plants during the exterior painting process. However, if they are touching the house they will have to be cut back. In some cases damage to plants close to the house may be unavoidable.

We use a high quality acrylic exterior house paint. Both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore have excellent products. It is our policy to brush and roll exterior trim and spray exterior siding. Rough sawn siding will be back rolled immediately after being sprayed. Two coats of paint may be necessary when changing colors.

When painting is complete we remove all masking materials, pick up all loose paint chips, and remove all garbage from the site. We will then thoroughly check the job to make sure it is 100% and ask you to check it to make sure you are happy with the work. Payment for the work is due upon completion.

New Construction Painting

The James N. Little Co. has specialized in painting new home subdivisions since 1983. Since then we have worked for several national builders including Pulte Homes, Centex, Toll Brothers, and US Homes. We have painted literally thousands of new homes from production subdivisions to million dollar custom homes. If you have a building project that needs a painter, look no further. We can handle whatever you have, on time, with the best quality.

Italian Plaster

What is Italian Plaster? Simply stated Italian Plaster is an ancient building material which originates with lime and marble. Lime can be brought up to a high polish, low polish, matte finish, and smooth to the touch. It can also have many different textures, from smooth as marble to a rough skip trowled look. Natural lime plasters have been around since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Originally they were strictly used for the protection of structures. The Venetians took it to another level. They added natural pigment to add a decorative use for both interior and exterior. Hence the term, Venetian Plaster. Nowadays the term Venetian Plaster usually refers to a synthetic based decorative plaster.

I have about twenty different Italian Plaster finishes I can show you that are both natural lime plasters and synthetic plasters.  These finishes are what faux finishers using rags and sponges try to imitate. Natural lime plasters are inorganic and resist mold and mildew. By applying natural lime plaster to your walls you are actually giving yourself a piece of Italy and its history

Basement Finishing/Remodeling/Trim Carpentry
We create incredible kitchens, custom bathrooms, finished basements, and special trim work. Our hands on approach to the custom remodeling process allows for endless opportunities for you to enjoy the home you deserve.
We work together with you through all aspects of the project, from design, to product selections, through project completion to fulfill your dream. We pride ourselves on making the decision process very easy by providing information and a timeline before the project begins.
Should you decide to use us for your project, we will be on schedule, on budget, and on target with your expectations. We will be creative, honest, and deliver quality work at reasonable prices.

Wood Staining & Finishing

We can match stain colors to your hardwood floor or cabinets and give that a smooth deep finish. We use lacquers, polyurethanes, and varnishes. We are also experts at removing old damaged finishes, such as on wood and fiberglass entry doors, and then refinishing to look like new.

Epoxy Floors

You can choose between a solid color, scattered multi colored chips, or a semi transparent stain. We use only commercial grade epoxy finishes that will stand up to hot car tires, salt, solvents, and heavy traffic. All floors will be inspected first to determine the feasibility of an epoxy finish. If we determine the job can be done we will acid etch or grind the floor before it is painted. You will need to allow a minimum of 2 – 3 days to apply an epoxy floor.

Aluminum Siding Refinishing

It is very possible to refinish aluminum siding and make it look like new. Siding will be hand washed first to remove all chalk. Windows are masked off, surrounding areas are covered, and the siding is sprayed with a high quality acrylic satin house paint. When done correctly, this finish will last for 15 years or more.

Insurance Repairs/Fire and Water Restoration

If you have had a disaster at your home, call us to make the repair process as painless as possible. The last thing you need in this situation is more problems with the contractor doing the repairs. We are experienced in fire and water restoration and we will expedite the work to get you back in your home as soon as possible.

Drywall & Plaster Repairs

Surface preparation is the most important part of any paint job. We thoroughly inspect walls and ceilings prior to painting them and fix all cracks and holes. Water damage is not a problem. We can replace entire ceilings and walls if necessary.


Caulking is very important to insure the energy efficiency and beauty of your home. We use only high grade urethanized caulk for exteriors and siliconized acrylic caulks for interiors. These products remain flexible over time to resist cracking. We not only repair existing caulk but check the entire house for caulking that may have been missed previously.

Deck Sealing

If your deck is gray and faded we can restore it to look like new. We pressure wash decks first to restore the natural color of the wood, and if needed we can use deck brightening chemicals to aid in the process. When the prep work is done and the deck is dry we apply the sealer of your choice or we can recommend a sealer.